Activities and sights on Hardangervidda - Fagerheim Fjellstugu

Activities and sights on Hardangervidda

Hardangervidda — Norway’s largest national park

Hardangervidda covers an area of over 800 square kilometres. The plateau stretches out over four counties and ten municipalities. As the name implies (“Hardanger Mountain Plateau”) you can see the long lines of the Norwegian mountain landscape wherever you turn. Few peaks and walls will interrupt your gaze. With some patience you can observe most of Norway’s mountain birds in this area.

Fagerheim Fjellstugu is a wonderful starting point for exploring everything Hardangervidda has to offer!

Hiking hardangervidda

Hikes, walks and trips

Hardangervidda has an extensive network of marked routes during the summer, which provides you with a wide range of options. Fagerheim is an excellent starting point for trips and hikes to Tuva, Heinseter, Krækkja, Finse, Kjeldebu, Trondsbu, Stigstuv and Bauhellern. Stay with us and take day trips to wherever you want to see, or walk as far as you want and come home to dinner on the table in the evening. If you prefer biking, Rallarvegen or Tinnhølvegen are great choices. Just ask us and we’ll recommend trips for you.

Jakt & Fiske

Fishing and hunting

Bor du på Fagerheim, har du muligheten til å fiske i Krækkja-ungen, Fagerheims nærmeste vann. Bo hos oss og kos deg med fisketurer i nærområdet. Vi har også fiskekort for Øvre Numedal Statsallmennings fiskevann og Eidfjord Statsallmennings fiskevann. More info on fishing and hunting.

Fishing and hunting


When you stay at Fagerheim, the closest fishing water is Krækkja-Ungen, where there is trout in the clear water. Stay with us and enjoy fishing trips in the nearby mountains. We sell fishing licenses for the entire mountain plateau.

Fishing license for Hardangervidda.

We sell fishing licenses for all of Øvre Numedal National Park and for running water as follows:

  • Ossjøen
  • Heinvassdraget (Heintjønn – Ossjøen)
  • Djupa
  • Djupestubben
  • Lågendalsvassdraget

Additionally, Ulvik, Eidfjord, Ullensvang and Røldal are available, or one fishing license for all of Hardangervidda.

Hunting for grouse on Hardangervidda

To procure a hunting license, contact Øvre Numedal Fjellstyre. We do not sell hunting licenses.