Transport and directions - Fagerheim Fjellstugu

Transport and directions


Fagerheim Fjellstugu is close to national road 7 at Hardangervidda. You can drive here all year, barring truly terribly weather. It’s also possible to get here by train and then a taxi. During the summer, you can reach Fagerheim by bus or train and bus. If you are staying with us during the winter, we can arrange for transportation from the railway station.

How long does it take by car?

  • From Geilo: 30 minutes
  • From Oslo: 4 hours
  • From Bergen: 3 hours 30 minutes

By train and bus

You can take the train from Oslo or Bergen to Haugastøl, Ustaoset or Geilo.
During the summer a corresponding bus kan take you all the way to our parking lot, both in the morning and in the evening. You can find departure times for the train on and time tables or the bus at
Du kan ta Bergensbanen til Haugastøl, Ustaoset eller Geilo.

If you arrive by train during the winter, you can take a taxi from Geilo to Fagerheim.

Bus during the summer

Time tables for the bus during the summertime is available on Skyss. The closest stop is Fagerheim and it is located between Halne and Haugastøl. Fagerheim stop is approximately 10 minutes from each of these stops.

Parking your car at Fagerheim

You can safely park your car in our parking lot. There is no additional charge if you are staying with us. If you need parking while you are out on a hike or a trip, the charge is NOK 50,- pr night in the summer, and NOK 70,- during the winter. Information and parking cards available in Fagerheim Fjellstugu Reception.

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