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About Fagerheim Fjellstugu


Fagerheim Fjellstue is situated 1177 metres above the sea, close to national road 7 – reachable by car all year round. In the heart of the wild reindeer habitat with beautiful views of the Hardangervidda mountain landscape. Closest town is Geilo, 30 minutes by car away. Fagerheim is equally far from Bergen and Oslo.


Fagerheim Fjellstugu was built in 1936. During the war Fagerheim was requisitioned by the German invading forces, and they built the additional buildings at the site to house workers and equipment for road building across the plateau. Some of these buildings are still in use.


Easy to get to

You are very welcome either you arrive by foot or by car. If you stay at Fagerheim, you can drive all the way to the front door, and you have a fantastic starting point for exploring the mountain plateau in every direction! Fagerheim Fjellstugu is located a few hundred yards to the north of national road 7 and we have a spaceous parking lot. This can be used by both our guests – for free, of course, and others for a fee.

Newly renovated and nostalgic

Our mountain cabin is homey, cozy and nostalgic — yet freshly renovated and comfortable. There are no luxuries, just the comforts of a clean, tidy home.


We have fifty beds in 19 rooms. We have no separate bathrooms, but we offer shower rooms for men and women, good for a relaxing shower when you come back from a long day out and about in the mountains.


Fantastic food

Our food is an experience in itself! We use fresh local food for every meal – fish, game, berries and mushrooms. Our speciality is mountain trout we have fished ourselves.

Welcome to Fagerheim!

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